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Accomplishment of electrical installation for illumination

Фирма поръчител: Hydrostry - P Ltd.
Период на изпълнение: 05.01.2010
NLS Ltd was assigned a task as a subcontractor of one of the largest building companies “Hydrostroi-P-Ltd” to accomplish the electrical installation, electrical equipment and lighting of the Section B of Modera Residence. The materials used, electric consumatives, lighting bodies and apparatus will be of the highest quality with all necessary certifications of the leading companies. Modera residence will be constructed on the site of 13 500 m2. It will be one of the most prestigious housing estates in Sofia. It will have 335 apartments situated in three different in size buildings, from 8 to 11 floors. The housing estate of a closed type will have 398 parking places and 7500 m2 of a trading area, green areas and children’s playgrounds. The housing estate will be situated upon an over-ground site of 40 thousand m2 in the prestigious quarter Vitosha, one of the preferred areas owing to its immediate vicinity of the picturesque nature of Vitosha and to different services like SPA-complex MAXI and Business Park Sofia. Modera residence is situated at the distance of 150 m from the boulevard Simeonovsko Chaussee, one of the main thoroughfares of the city, which makes possible a fast and convenient connection with the centre of the city. Martinsa-Fadesa is one of the leading Spain investing companies for real estates in Europe, specialized in building of housing estates and vacation complexes and is the owner of numerous hotels and trading centres, integrated into large-scale housing projects. Martinsa-Fadesa possesses more than 190 000 dwelling places, as well as the investment portfolio of 30.5 million m2 РЗП www.moderaresidence.com