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Welding and brazing of ferrous metals

Фирма поръчител: NLS LTD
Период на изпълнение: 11.02.2012
In order to enrich the range of services firm NLS Ltd. has expanded its activities in the field of welding and brazing of ferrous metals. Repair facilities are equipped with modern equipment meeting the European standards. We could have caught almost all metals and their alloys - aluminum welding, welding of cast iron, argon welding, and welding copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel welding (welding of stainless steel). Our team carry out welding work as you want or individually developed by our project. We offer the opportunity for production of metal constructions, polycarbonate awnings and canopies, railings, stairs and other metal products, and elements of interior design of your home. We run professional welding all kinds of worn parts.
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